Research Experience 

Currently working with the Simonin lab in Red Clover Valley, a Sierra Nevada montane meadow. Working to establish patterns between water use strategies and carbon output among the dominant flora. As an environmentalist, we are also advocating for the continued restoration of meadow ecosystems to help combat climate change. 

Simonin Lab 2019-Current

The Simonin and Cantley Labs joined together on a project aimed at understanding morphological, evolutionary, and physiological traits of a variety of Chenopodium species living on the Hawaiian Islands. I assisted in germinating, repotting, and watering the collection. I also measured morphological and physiological traits.

[Right] Magnified image of bladder cells on leaves. 

Simonin-Cantley Lab 2019

Worked with the Cantley Lab to measure morphological characteristics of Australian Acacia species. Constructed Box plots to compare morphological characteristics between adult and juvenile species. Constructed PCA analysis comparing traits between species to establish trends of a differentiating new species. 

[Right] Magnified phyllode and mucro with a fly trapped by the sap.

Cantley Lab 2019

Worked with the Cantley Lab to assist in organizing, mounting, and digitizing herbarium specimens in the Harry D. Theirs Herbarium database. 

Cantley Lab 2019

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