Research & Work Experience 

Simonin Lab

Graduate Student Researcher


Currently working on tracking leaf trait differentiation of newly diverging subspecies of Chenopodium oahuense on the Hawaiian Islands. We aim to increase understanding of how the native Hawaian Chenopodium species are responding to variation in climate which will provide baseline information for conservation efforts such as which populations should be prioritized given current climate projections.

2020 - 2021

SF Conservatory of Flowers

Plant Collections Assistant 

Worked to accession SFCOF plant collection using IrisBG. I recorded updated taxonomic names, origin, IUCN status, bloom times, and so much more. Worked with the engagement and education teams to help get our plant collection information reach our guests. 

2019 - 2020

Cantley Lab

Research Assistant


measure morphological characteristics of Australian Acacia and Chenopodium species. Constructed Box plots to compare morphological characteristics between adult and juvenile species. Constructed PCA analysis comparing traits between species to establish trends of a differentiating new species. assisted in organizing, mounting, and digitizing herbarium specimens in the Harry D. Theirs Herbarium database. 


Simonin Lab

Undergraduate Researcher


Working with a team of researchers and the Simonin lab in Red Clover Valley, a Sierra Nevada montane meadow. We were trying to establish patterns between water use strategies and carbon output among the dominant flora. As an environmentalist, we are also advocating for the continued restoration of meadow ecosystems to help combat climate change. 


Researh Skills 


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