More About Me

Being a Botanist, I am always Seeking Knowledge to better understand our environmental sustainability practices and the networks of plant structure-function relationships.  I have successfully been able to advocate for funding of my education and my research journey. 
Scholarships & Awards 
  • Middle Class Scholarship (2017-2018)

  • Bioluminary Award (2019)

  • Fellowship: Biology Tuition Reimbursement (2019)

  • NorCal Botanist Student Stipend (2020) 

  • Ecological Section Registration Award (Botany 2021) 

  • Li-COR Best Student Poster Prize (Physiological Section at Botany 2021)

Classes Taken 

Undergraduate: Evolution and Diversity of Plants, Evolution, Environmental Ethics, Plant Taxonomy, Plants and Human Affairs, Genetics, Plant Ecology, Comparative Anatomy of Vascular Plants, Biology of Fungi, Biometry, Plant Physiology, Environmental Problems and Solutions

Graduate: Research Skills, Science Teaching for Scientists, Advances in Ecology and Systems Biology, Skills for Scientific Writing, Advances in Biology Education Research